Since I was a kid, I was always fascinated and curious about filmmaking, and after a few years of making only photography as a career, I started to learn video. How to shoot, what to shoot, and focused especially on video edition.

The video By the Sea Timelapse-Hyperlapse was made between other assignments, so it took more or less 3 weeks to accomplish!

Final Cut Pro and After Effects are my favourite editing software.

After a long period of studying filmmaking, buying specific equipment and also learning how to correctly work with edition software, I started to shoot some short films, events and drone footage.

Some assignments that i have, and also for my own website, are logo animations, live placeholders, and animated intros.

A few years later i stabilished a partnshership with Moments and Stories Agency,
and we started to shoot weddings, both video and photo, together.

Currently, I accept all sort of Video Services, please contact for more information, and thanks for watching!

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